Couldn't You Wait?

the story of Silkworm

Featuring interviews with: Steve Albini, Stephen Malkmus, Jeff Tweedy & more

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Couldn't You Wait chronicles the music and the history of the band Silkworm and their unique 17-year-long career on the fringe of "indie rock".

With over 3 hours of bonus material!

Filmmaker's Note

When we started shooting Couldn't You Wait? in late 2006, there were few options for independent films to gain exposure without the aid of the festival circuit and traditional distribution companies. With the advent of online streaming and digital distribution, independent filmmakers now have a way to release their films directly to an audience without having to compete with other films or compromise their ownership. VHX has rapidly become one of the trusted names in this new form of digital release, putting out such titles as This American Life: Invisible Made Visible, Todd Solondz's Dark Horse, Wayne White: Beauty is Embarrassing, and many many more- we are proud to be a part of their ever growing roster in this exciting new era of digital distribution.

In addition to releasing the film as a DRM free download for only $5 dollars, we're offering two deluxe packages: 10 dollars for the movie & "Live Worm" – a feature length live footage compilation; 20 dollars for the movie, "Live Worm", and over 3 hours of additional interview footage and deleted content. Please take the time to look over the different options and please remember before downloading (and especially sharing elsewhere...) that your purchase enables us to continue to make and release movies this way.

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Seth Pomeroy (director/editor)